Top 5 Narrow Calf Boots for women in 2019


2019 is here with us and it’s boot time again! It’s that time that you want to scoop some boot shoes and replenish your closet. While purchasing boots especially online, there are a couple of things to keep in mind such as shoe quality, how they fit, the price. among other things. Luckily, most of these factors are usually on the description box, so make sure you go through these qualities on the description box. To assist you in getting the narrow Calf bots, here is a list of the Top 5 narrow calf boots for women in 2018;

1. Frye
These boots are so great! They are of great quality especially if you have a narrow calf. It has a classic style, with a brown color, enabling it to match with any type of clothes. They are also long and slender at the top, making them just the perfect shoe for narrow calf legs. From a couple of reviews from women, they claimed that the shoe fits them perfectly and they would encourage you to go for them in 2019.
2. Stuart Weitzman
The Stuart brand is widely known for making high-quality shoes. This time, they came up with a narrow-calved shoe, just the perfect in 2019. The Stuart Weitzman is a long, black boot that is narrow calved. It is made with fine leather thus ensuring that it lasts longer. It has a mid- calf circumference of about 12.5. The shoe is a classy one and the quality is also outstanding. When it comes to comfortability, these shoes are the best. They are made in such a way that they do not conduct heat, making working and comfortability ore easier.
3. Cole Haan
Another beautiful narrow-calved shoe is the Cole Haan. This boot is wide at the top and gets slender as you move down towards the inside. They are a great tall shoe, reaching the knee, a perfect combination to wear with a short dress. The stunning black color makes it outstanding and classy. They have an almost flat heel thus making walking more easier as well as comfortability. They are not completely flat, but they are a great shoe to consider in 2019.
4. Marc Fisher
These are a perfect shoe if you really have those long legs. They come in different colors such as brown, red and black. Of all the 3 colors, brown is outstanding. They have a slightly high heel and if you are a great fun of high-heeled shoes, then consider going for this type of shoe. I recommend wearing them with thick socks for comfortability.
5. Steve Madden
Last but not least, another great narrow-calved shoe is the Steve Madden shoe. This is a dynamic shoe that comes in different sizes and shapes, but maintaining the unique features of a narrow-calf shoe. They come in high-heed types, flat types, and medium types. They are wide at the top and get slender as you head towards the base. Also, they are narrow at the front, giving that classy look.
2019 looks to be a very busy year. You may also consider getting these narrow calf shoes and shine with them. They are all-rounded as you can wear them casually as well as during office work.