How do we take care of our facial skin?

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Our facial skin loses its vitality, it is not shiny but faded, not so firm. When winter comes with the cold days the winds and dust, all of which do not contribute to your facial skin. The facial skin becomes dry and lifeless, without shine, the facial skin looks older and tired. Facial treatment combined with peeling by a wild medical beautician, will renew the skin and bring with it an amazing change.

Exfoliation is the mass action of skin cells from the stratum corneum in the epidermis, ie from the upper layers of the skin.
The purpose of the peeling is to renew, peel the skin cells and this action is performed by 2 types of peeling. Exfoliation is responsible for dissolving the skin cells, and exfoliation that creates the mass of the intercellular material which is the adhesive that connects the skin cells themselves. There are multi-peels today that combine both cell dissolving and intercellular material dissolving.

Exfoliation creates a gentle exfoliation of the skin and helps in the treatment of lightening of skin spots, improving inflammatory processes. Acne active skin, effective in treating wrinkles on the skin and improving regeneration processes.

Facial treatments combined with exfoliation with alpha acids and hydroxy cells create a change on the skin surface and removing the old and pale skin layers creates exposure of the new skin cells and in this way the skin surface becomes clearer and the appearance of the skin is renewed. You can find best treatments on Hyaluronic Acid Fillers France which can make you look much better and younger. Highly Recommended!

Exfoliating treatments improve the surface of the skin, rejuvenating it. Facial treatments combined with peeling create processes that encourage the level of regeneration of collagen and elastin cells and encourage the normal activity of the skin. Facial skin after cosmetic facial treatment looks fresh and radiant.

During a facial treatment, a medical beautician applies the peel to the facial skin. A slight tingling is felt and after a few minutes it passes. At the end of the treatment, the skin looks pink but fresh and healthy. Sometimes after a few days the facial skin peels off.

What is Alpha Hydroxy Acid Exfoliating?

In facial treatment with alpha hydroxy peeling performed at the Cosmetic Institute, the acids act from the deep layers of the skin and encourage the regeneration of skin cells. This peel is recommended by dermatologists. Alpha hydroxy acids penetrate deep into the skin. Alpha hydroxy peeling is not dangerous and is not harmful to the facial skin and is extracted from natural plants and products.

Exfoliating alpha hydroxy acids brings about a significant change in the appearance of the facial skin. The alpha hydroxy acids are produced from fruits. Among them is glycolic acid, lactic acid. The best time to start peeling treatments is in the fall and winter. In my clinic I use uncompromising quality peeling and ingredients.

The manufacturing or importing cosmetics companies serve you first-class cosmetics. The best cosmetics are precisely tailored to the unique needs of your facial skin. Using exfoliating products for the facial skin is very effective and significantly improves the more in-depth facial treatment that you will perform with your wild medical cosmetologist.