Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids


Piles or a hemorrhoid is a very painful condition of the anus that arises as result of the inflammation of veins in the rectum which can either be external or internal. The pain is often accompanied by bleeding and itching of the rectum. In most cases, hemorrhoid is caused by chronic constipation. This is due to too much pressure exerted during the defecation process that eventually results in bleeding and inflammation of the veins. The condition is commonly observed in people of all age brackets, though the condition is most painful in women who are pregnant. Painless bleeding is observed in the internal hemorrhoids while external hemorrhoids can be felt easily outside the anus. Hemorrhoids result to discomforts while sitting and can always land an individual into embarrassing situations.

Many different treatments for this condition are available including surgery, over the counter and home remedies for hemorrhoids. Most hemorrhoid remedies fail because they are centered towards only treating symptoms when they appear. Most of them completely fail to research on what has caused the hemorrhoids to build up in the first place. Therefore, any “cure” they offer is short lived since the cause of hemorrhoids is still unknown.

Surgery is a good example of a treatment plan that is geared towards addressing symptoms instead of the cause of hemorrhoids.

Best home remedies for hemorrhoids will definitely teach you the root cause of hemorrhoids in the first place, therefore allowing you to be in charge and use proper preventive measures to terminate the possibility of a recurrence of the condition.

If you have piles and you are looking for an ease and fast relief from the pain you are undergoing, then you should try the following easy and simple home remedies for the hemorrhoids. These are:

Always take a warm and not a hot bath.

Take 4 figs that are soaked in water plus the water itself early in the morning.

Use diluted witch hazel straight on to the piles and then allows it dry naturally.

Boil 20 grams of sesame seeds inside half liter of water and drink the mixture.

Avoid spicy foods as they can irritate the bowel.

It is advisable to drink a lot of clean water to soften the stool for easy defecation.

Always be in soft cotton underwear.

Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits for softer stools.

Various yoga exercises and postures give good results when carried out under appropriate guidance.

After defecation, wipe yourself using wet wipes and let yourself dry up naturally.

Treat constipation and diarrhea promptly as both can aggravate and cause hemorrhoids.

Over the counter gels and creams may temporarily give some relief but will not permanently cure the hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids respond perfectly to good natural treatments which have proved to be far more effective than over the counter medication and surgery.

Many people prefer using home remedies for hemorrhoids because the condition responds very well to natural treatments. Good home remedies have been proved to not only being effective in curing hemorrhoids at present, but also preventing the reoccurrence of the condition. Home remedy has over 96% success rate.