Why nail nurturing is so important for your beauty and well being


Many women prefer nail gluing over nail building because the prevailing opinion is that nail building weakens the nail, and after a long time of nail building treatments, the real nail breaks a lot and needs to grow and regenerate multiple times until it gets stronger again.

Nail gluing solves this issue since nail gluing is not done for a long time but only for a period until all the nails fall out. In addition, nail gluing is especially suitable for women who do not want to go with artificial or long nails on a daily basis or women who are not physically able due to their work or other reasons. Fot that reason you need to get behandlingsstol and make

Nail gluing is also suitable for women who want to go with invested and beautiful nails for only a limited number of days.

It is customary to paste nails before certain events and thus disposable can be shown with beautiful and charming nails and above all, tailored to the suit that the customer will wear at the event.

Nail gluing is a fairly easy procedure and that is why it can be done alone at home. However, it should be noted that women who are not skilled in the tactics of nail gluing can only aggravate the situation, stick the nail in a crooked way or apply an excess amount of glue so that it will also look beyond the nail border or alternatively stick too weak with too little glue and risk the nail falling out prematurely. . Therefore, there are various cosmetic salons and centers where you can both build nails and paste nails. This way you can ensure yourself skilled and professional work, nails glued properly without the danger of them falling out ahead of time and also order a special decoration that will suit the suit or dress you intend to wear to the event.

The prices of nail gluing are not particularly high and range from NIS 50-100$