All about the master care inversion table


The Mercury Masters is a special reversal bed developed in Sweden to treat back pain and arthritis. The device stretches the entire length of the body with the help of gravity and releases the pressure exerted on the cartilage and spinal nerves. Traction combined with exercises that target the action of traction in the problematic joints, helping to release and relieve the pain. The exercises combined with deep breathing improves blood flow to the cartilage and ligaments and thus help to rejuvenate. Rear bias also helps pump blood to the brain and thus improves the function.

How we choose our health is in our hands. Traction bed and reversal MASTERCARE helps tens of thousands of people around the world to return to a life without pain, it can help you too.
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The master care is particularly effective in the treatment of:

-Treat Back pain of all kinds
-Problems in the  Spinal disc
-Knees and ankles
-Hips and Case
-Soft And stiffness in the shoulders and neck
Scoliosis and kyphosis
– Degenerative joints
-Require draining the lungs such as CF
-Improved Memory and thinking


The reversal method is easier to use and anyone can use it without help. It is designed for adults, children aged 12, senior citizens and the disabled. Required daily practice of 20-10 minutes to achieve significant pain relief.

1.Position the device to your height.
2.Make feet padded feet tee.
3. Click the lock button and push the tilt by the bed to a balanced state. Press the button again and the bed tilted backward.
4. Push deep, just let gravity stretch your body and release the pain. Start the exercises are recommended. At the end of the exercises back to the starting position.

Safety operation

The master care got the standard mark German TUV and CE safety medical devices. The most stable device in every situation and exercise. You are always in control through the double lock button that allows maximum safety.

How the device works?

Secret effectiveness of the bed and the back sliding on roller skates and responds to body movements while performing the exercises. Usually enough to use a back tilt of 15 degrees. If want a more powerful stretch you can use a 30-degree tilt. You can use the device while lying on your back or stomach, this mode can also be used from the examining table massages. The bed can be folded for compact storage.

Who fits the master care?

The master care in use since 1987 and there is much evidence significant change in the quality of life of users. Tens of thousands of devices in Europe and the US are in private homes, clinics, physiotherapy, chiropractic, and clinics that specialize in back pain. The device is recommended by doctors and used in hospitals for rehabilitation after surgery and for prevention. Enterprises and institutions such as VOLVO, IAI Swedish, and Swedish Air Force and Sweden’s Olympic team use the device to make it easier for their employees’ health problems.

Scientific research

Dozens of scientific studies on the impact of the use Bmstrkr prove its effectiveness. For example, a study in the VOLVO Sweden proved effective instrument in reducing sick days among a group of employees who suffered chronic back pain. The study was conducted over a period of 3 months. At the end of the period is a significant improvement in the situation of those who used the device.