What are the main reasons for a delayed menstrual period ?

delayed period

They say that a girl has truly become a woman when she first gets her menstrual period. It’s one of the things that physically defines a woman. They through this every month, some on a regular basis while some have it on an irregular basis. A woman’s menstruation can mean different things. A heavy flow might result from hormonal imbalance while the absence of menses can mean pregnancy or poor fat intake. Delayed menstrual period can mean a lot of different things. Let’s discuss them.

First, we need to understand how menstrual period occurs. During the first part of the cycle, the levels of a woman’s hormones increase. This hormone is called estrogen. It’s mostly responsible for the maturation of the egg cells and development of female sexual characteristics. So, during this stage, the walls of the uterus begins to thicken and at the same time, an egg cell begins to mature. The thickening of the uterine wall happens, in order for the body to prepare for ovulation. Fourteen days into the menstrual cycle, the egg cell begins ins descent into the uterus from the ovaries. It travels down the Fallopian tube while the uterine wall continues to thicken. When the egg cell arrives at the uterus, it will implant itself into the uterine wall and wait there for a sperm cell to come and penetrate it. This process is called fertilization. If fertilization did not occur, it will now be called menstrual period. Easy, right?

There are some reasons as to why your menstrual period is delayed. Here are some of them:


As mentioned above, if the egg cell is not fertilized, the uterine lining shed and becomes menstruation. However, if the egg cell gets fertilized by a sperm cell, this will result in pregnancy. This will result in the maintenance of the uterine wall and will act as a form of sustenance and protection for the embryo. Pregnancy can be confirmed in a variety of ways


During times of stress, our bodies produce certain hormones that allow us to prepare for the worst. One of these hormones is adrenaline. What it does is it improves the blood into some tissues while decreasing the blood flow into others. This is to ensure that the vital T organs necessary for fight is properly functioning while other organs and processes are left to wait. Menstruation does not help with stressful events in any way. In fact, it can add to the stress. So, there can be instances where you menstrual cycle gets delayed whenever we feel stressed.


The menstrual cycle is governed by the hormone estrogen, which is made up of fatty acids. If you are losing a lot of weight or adopting a low-fat diet, chances are, your menstrual period will be affected. This is because of decreased production of estrogen. This is also why the absence of a menstrual period is common with those who suffers from anorexia nervosa.

As painful and debilitating as it may seem, a woman’s menstrual period is necessary for the preservation of their reproductive organs and ensure the continuation of the species. So, let’s all embrace our womanhood and celebrate for life is good.