Improve Your Posture and Well-being With an Inversion Table

inversion table reviews

It is an exercise table that is designed in a way that your feet are placed higher than your head hence reducing the negative effects of gravity. The table positions your body upside down, and the gravity works in the opposite direction.

The table provides relief for people suffering from back pains, but the table still has other health benefits. Most doctors and physical therapists recommend the table to patients suffering from back pains. The tables come in different sizes and designs where they are

also available from different manufacturers and brands.
Similar to any other exercising equipment, some of them are complicated, large, immobile, expensive, and if not used well can cause injuries to the user. Some of them are made to be mobile and portable in such a way that you can place it in a small room or even your storage area.

Importance of inversion tables (Taken from

1. They relieve stress

Stress is one of the problems that is troubling and killing many these days. This continuous stress if not well managed may be harmful to your body. This stress not only reduces your mental capacity, but it will make your body muscles to remain in a contracted posture where this can cause the muscles to cramp and have pain.
To avoid all this, you can use the inversion table. When you sacrifice your time on the table, it will help you to link your mind and body hence making your mind to relax. When you are under relaxed mental state, the body muscles will relax. Therefore, you can use the table as a form of meditation for you.

2. Increases your flexibility

One of the best benefits of this table is that is that it increases the body flexibility. Spending time on the table stretches your muscles and makes them flexible within a short period.

3. Detoxifies your body

By using this table to hang upside down every day will be your best treatment for your body since it will facilitate with detoxification. When you use the inversion table correctly, it will enhance the circulation of lymph nodes through the body. It will also enhance the removal of toxins from your blood. The table can also help remove pressure in your heart, enhance the supply of blood to the brains hence making the brain more relaxed and improved.

4. It will make your spine strong and healthy

As you grow old, your bones will start to shrink which makes your bones to compress on the cavity. This will reduce your height and lead to other health issues. The inversion table may be the solution to prevent all the problems.
The table will cause the strengthening and stretching of your muscles hence your bones will be kept into position. It will also ease joint and bone pressure.

5. Helps maintain your posture

Posture is one of the things you need to maintain every day. A good posture will improve not only your well-being but also your personality. Many people have unique exercises that help them improve their position.
However, by use of this therapy table, it will only take you little time because it is quick and simple method that will enhance your body posture. You only need to hang in upside down position. When in this position, always avoid hanging excessively because this can be harmful to your body.


This therapytable is a training tool that can help you curb your back pain and other health problems. All you need is to consult with your doctor or a therapist and get your table and improve your wellbeing and posture.