What is the importance of face masks and how can you get one?

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Before the corona erupted in our country as well, a pack of 10 hygienic masks for single use cost ten NIS, and suddenly the unusual demand disappeared from the stores and for a while, that amount was enough to buy three masks, and in some cases – a single mask.

If until now we had the right to choose whether to put on a hygienic mask when we go out the door to the outside world, now there has been a change in government policy and a regulation has come into force to put on a mask at every exit to a public space.

Most people who become infected with the virus will not develop symptoms, did not know and in no way will they look sick, and yet they are still contagious.

It is worth mentioning that facial souls function more effectively when worn together with care when it comes to hygiene consistently, by actions such as washing hands and avoiding contact with the mouth and other facial organs.

It is best to use face masks with a standard of 95, such as KN95, N95 and FFP2, whenever you leave the house or are in contact with the environment.

Wearing protective masks with a valve does not protect the environment and even emits uninterrupted air from those who wear it, towards those around them.

In special circumstances, when you do not have face masks, you should consider the lack of choice to create face masks that you made yourself. Or you can go on the net and find face mask supplier like kcmomasks.com which is cheap and relaible.

KN95 face masks are designed to reduce the wearer’s exposure to small particles in the air. Respirators in this standard successfully filter most particles in the air, about 95% of the total particles larger than 0.3 μm. A protective mask can last up to 9 hours and can be reused. This mask provides two-way protection, even for the person wearing it and in addition for the environment and this is among other things what makes it highly recommended regarding the COVID-19 epidemic.

According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, all people are obliged to wear face masks in the public space, and especially in areas where there is a lively movement of people – and this includes marketing chains and pharma chains, TAVZ and work environments.

A face mask against bacteria, or a soul with a filter, can help block the bacteria but surprisingly it is less helpful for those who have a beard. Just like that – wearing face and soul masks does not help people with long beards or bristles.

According to the Davidson Institute, research into whether face masks, such as respiratory protective masks, are beneficial to a person who wears them to spread the disease and can be used as an anti-bacterial mask, or a corona mask.
According to an article published by them, droplet infection is carried out by the sneezing or coughing of a person carrying the virus. Relatively large droplets usually form, which can pass to any person (although it is also possible to stick through surfaces).

Even before talking about an anti-virus mask, you should make sure that you follow all the rules of hygiene – first of all wash your hands frequently and if you sneeze, do it into a handkerchief or at least towards the elbow.