Here is how to get rid of constipation fast – the full guide


It gets frustrating and feels awkward when the bowel movements don’t occur properly. Sometimes it is even a bit painful. The increasingly hectic lifestyles with zero physical activity might lead to constipation. If you are drinking less than 2 litres of water a day or living completely on fast food without any fiber content, then it might also lead to constipation. Some medications might also decrease bowel movements. Once you are in the predicament, you only curse yourself and think of possible ways to get out of it.
Here is how to get rid of constipation fast – quick and effective:   (By Courtesy of

Psyllium seed husks: These are a great source of soluble dietary fiber. They are widely available in form of lactic husk or Isabgol containers. A teaspoon full of the Isabgol powder when
consumed with adequate amount of water, offers a good solution to treating constipation. Since they are basically seeds of a plant they offer least side effects, though their long-term consumption must be avoided.

Laxatives: These are chemicals prescribed by physicians as an immediate remedy against constipation. They increase stool motility and frequency. Generally they are consumed once, after dinner and are a great way to get relief from temporary constipation. Laxatives are largely consumed in oral form, but they are also available in suppository form.
– Enemas: They are the quickest way to get relief from constipation, but should be exploited only in extreme situations as a last resort against constipation. As it is considered as painful by many patients, it is not opted much. In the procedure a fluid is introduced into the rectum through the anus. Within 5 minutes enemas act causing very uncomfortable bloating. They are available in both disposable as well as reusable forms. Some common used enemas include mineral oil enema and saline solution enema.
All the aforementioned ways are great quick solutions to treat constipation. In the long term though there is a need to concentrate on some key points to make sure you have proper bowel movements:
Eat a high fibre diet: Dump fast food and make sure you eat lots of green vegetables as well as fruits. Make sure you eat 24-38 grams of fibre in a day. Foods high on fibre content include cabbage, cauliflower, soyabeans, avocado, broccoli, almonds, papaya, bananas, oranges, strawberries etc. These foods help in digestion, absorbing water and softening stool.

Drink adequate amount of water: Insufficient availability of liquid in stool can lead to constipation. Drinking 1.5 – 2 litres of water in a day is advisable, though it varies individually. Regular hydration by drinking 8 – 10 glasses of water a day must be practised.

Practice a schedule and a good lifestyle: The challenging job assignment might lead to distorted sleeping cycles and unscheduled lifestyle. Try to largely stick to a schedule for going to bed, consuming your meals and even passing stools. Such a schedule will make the body anticipate and keep it ready for the next move. Not having any time fixed for bowel movement might confuse your body and cause problems.

– Exercise: Human body was not programmed to sit at one place in front of a computer screen for over 10 hours. Physical activity simulates digestive tract and will help in promoting bowel movements. Even a 30 minute walk in your neighbourhood daily will suffice.

Constipation should be treated as soon as it occurs else it might lead to serious body ailments. If you continue to face problems in passing stool please consult a professional doctor.