How to find the right equipment for your pet

dog equipment

What are best equipment we need to buy for our pet?

If you think it is only  a collar, a leash, a cage, a ramp or a container for food, then you are mistaken.

As in any other field in the world, our pet equipment has become a market in itself, where a dog’s collar can be seen as a diamond necklace, a cat-lacing band is trivial, and clothing is, I mean, no longer on fur alone.

Dogs equipment is divided into several realms:

The division begins with the animal we chose as our pet – equipment for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, insects, fish and rodents.

Have you chosen a friend for life? Great, now go to the fun part – shopping!

If, for example, you chose a dog, the list of items offered to the Nork begins with a food tool, a collar, and a transmission band. There are pesticides against fleas and ticks, brushes and combs, toothpaste and toothbrush, mouthwash, bones and snacks – dental or just for indulgence, toys, beds, training cages, clothing, shoes and the list goes on.

If you have a cat in your cat, consider a bed of sleep and its special sand – it should be crystallized, and there is also an electric crate that cleans itself, brain games, collars, a conveyor belt, dental products, mats, beds, , Scraping surfaces and more, and all of this in addition to the base – pesticides, food tools combs, etc.

Animal equipment can include a cage, a foot strap, feeding and irrigation equipment, hanging snacks, toys, furniture and atmosphere products (which will feel like in the jungle) and clothing items, and a pretty new invention – a “diaper” The droppings and allow the bird to move freely without having to clean it.

For reptiles, this is an aquarium, feeding devices, snacks, climate control, lighting, and more. Here, too, you will find conveying straps and there are those who take it too far – an iguana already has a chain around the neck.

The fish are a complete ecological system, and rodents cages, sawdust, games and mazes, snacks and more.

If so, how much does it costs?

Animal equipment can be expensive, and even very expensive, especially when you take it to human levels (about the Paris Hilton bitch you heard?), But you can also find equipment for animals at reasonable prices. There is no doubt that this is an expense that needs to be taken into account, but the level of enjoyment derived from a pet is approved and supplied is worth every shekel.

Many years ago the animals chewed the bark of the white prairie or ate a plant called prickly when they felt muscle aches. Since leaving them alone, our domestic dogs and cats are still instinctively searching for certain plants to help them maintain their health.

In bridging the gap between good nutrition and excellent welfare, botanists work on helping the body, eliminating toxins and stimulating processes, such as cleaning the liver. The plants also serve as strengtheners and constructors that strengthen organs, glands and tissues in certain parts of the body – such as strengthening the heart or helping digestion.