How to evaluate the quality of gemstones ?


The quality of gemstones and their incorporation into jewelry should be reflected in the price and price of the jewelry in which they are incorporated. A gem of the same type and size can sell for $ 100 if it is of poor quality and $ 10,000 for good quality.
Most experts will recommend buying small stones of good quality, rather than large gemstones of poor quality.

So what factors affect the quality and price of gems?
There are five main metrics for examining the quality and price of gems and their incorporation into jewelry:

1. Longevity in the jewelry market – Gems known to the general public over the years, such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires and others are more expensive than stones of similar quality which were discovered later. New and stunning gems can be found in beauty at much cheaper prices than the classic stones.
2. Color – Play a major role in measuring the quality of gems. In general, Gemstone Jewelry with too light colors or with several shades are usually considered to be of higher quality. However, some people tend to think that the lighter the color of the stone the more it is worth it. This statement is incorrect. Sometimes too light a color detracts from the value of the stone. As in the case of sapphire with a color that tends to black instead of the deep blue.When considering gemstones, it is important to look at them in different types of light.Good quality stones will be those with rich color, luster and luster.
Transparency – the second most important index. High-transparency gems, with no visible defects, are considered more expensive and high quality.
4. How to cut the gems – The way the stone is cut affects its color, transparency and luster and these parameters affect the quality and price of the jewelry. Professionally cut gems will look better and reflect light in an equal amount of the surface of the stone: in a narrow and deep stone there will be parts that will look darker and in contrast, in a flat and wide cut there will be some parts that lack shine. It is important that the cut be professional and with thought so that the way we turn the stone it will be beautiful and shiny.
5. Stone size – The weight of the cart directly affects the quality of the stone and its price. Large gems are rarer in nature and therefore their price per carat is higher than the same stone in a smaller size genre.

In general, the quality and pricing of gemstones and jewelry that combines them, depends mainly on the appearance of the eye and common sense. Do not be afraid to choose the stones that look good to you based on the parameters we have specified. Jewelry and gems that you like will most likely be the most beautiful and more valuable ones.