Everything about Cloud comuting


One of the most powerful looters in the world of computing today is the move to “Cloud Computing” “Cloud Computing” through which more and more services are being used, for use over the Internet as part of a managed service. The “cloud” offers many advantages, and there seems to be no turning back, it is a real revolution that changes the rules of the game, it allows any entrepreneur and small company to play on the lot of the big, and develop a product or service using complex computing systems as it used to be only large entrepreneurs Huge budgets.

The idea of “cloud” computing is in receiving computer resources, sending messages, processing data, storing information, from a source outside your company, when the payment is for the use of the service only, thus saving the heavy initial expenses of purchasing servers, setting up server rooms, handling In storage and business continuity and more.

Cloud computing users do not need physical computing infrastructure to enjoy various services, the services they receive from an external provider (for example Gmail BPOS AZOR etc.) in the form of “Software as a Service” (SaaS – Software as a Service) and thus save a lot of money. Cloud security is amazing! Its is much more secure than using your on computer, or of course using your laptop or mobile phone.

Unlike regular use of software and servers installed within the organization, the use of the various applications installed in the computing cloud is on demand only. This model allows the service provider to use the same network resources for many users and thus reduce costs to a minimum. Other significant benefits include significantly reducing complex network maintenance in the organization, developing and continually updating the services provided by the service provider, major problem solving and more.

Just to understand the importance and magnitude of the revolution, I bring this year’s eavesdropping on Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who said: “Microsoft focuses on cloud computing projects. , And that number will rise to 90% by the end of the year. In addition, Ballmer emailed all Microsoft employees around the world, stating that almost every product from Microsoft that is supported by the cloud. ”
An example of a fast-growing cloud service is Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) mail service, an advanced Microsoft cloud computing service for businesses looking to benefit from advanced mail and communications solutions with no financial investment and monthly hardware and licensing spend.

Microsoft’s BPOS service was born as a strategy and the market’s rising trend for publishing services in the SAAS structure. BPOS has great advantages over competing solutions because these are proven business solutions that include highly advanced capabilities and full compatibility with Microsoft products. The Exchange service, which constitutes the main activity in the BPOS services, is not a new service but a leading product that is sold as a service instead of a local server on the customer’s site. In recent years, there has been a transition from working on a local server to working on network-based services because this method offers great advantages that enable savings in construction and maintenance costs, work with advanced infrastructure, and the availability of information from anywhere.