Where to buy designed engagement rings


Engagement rings are designed as part of the rules of the ceremony. Since engagement rings are not obligatory according to Judaism, but are more related to social norms, there is no limit to the look and style of the ring and any ring that the partner likes will fit. The world of engagement rings is usually divided into classic style rings and designed engagement rings.

What are designed engagement rings?

The concept of designed engagement rings includes all the non-classic engagement rings that are characterized by a clean and smooth design and boast one central diamond. Designed engagement rings may contain a number of gemstones – diamonds or other gemstones in different sizes and colors; Different colors and textures of the metal – combinations of yellow, red and white gold; And metal design in different sizes and shapes which deviate from the round and standard ring shape.

Common types of designed engagement rings:

Under the category of designed engagement rings you will find many models, in each of which you can choose and change according to your taste the color, thickness, texture, and width of the metal, as well as the quantity, color and size of the gems set in it. The most prominent and common types of designed engagement rings are:

Twist-style engagement rings – rings that end in a kind of bend (and do not complete a closed circle of metal.

Engagement rings designed in a pavé style – rings that are considered relatively wide and on top of which are set small diamonds that create a kind of spectacular and shiny rug.

Engagement rings designed with side stones – a designed addition to the classic ring style; Inlay with small side diamonds next to a large and central gemstone.

Engagement rings designed in a vintage style – rings that beckon in Meran to styles that were common at the beginning of the last century. May have metal with special cuts and inlaid with colored gems.

Engagement rings are designed inlaid with three diamonds – usually the central diamond will be large and prominent compared to the other two next to it.

Should you design your own or buy designer engagement rings from a catalog?

Designed engagement rings are limited only by personal taste and the budget available to you. There are countless examples of engagement rings designed in jewelry store catalogs, but if you have not found the exact matching ring for your taste or you have an idea for your own unique engagement ring – you can design your favorite ring yourself. The design of the ring personally may affect the price here or there – so it is important to know the existing styles and consult with the professionals at the business where the ring will be made – these will give you more information about matching metal colors to gems as well as information about the costs of metals and gems. Also how to reduce them). Successfully!