What to buy the cat so he will be happy and busy ?


Anyone who has ever raised a cat knows: “Cat is not a dog.” These are two completely separate worlds. While most dogs strive to please their owners, for cats the story is completely different. A cat is a hunter for everything growing in your home. Red-tailed leopard grows in your home. Unlike the cat’s boyfriend and boyfriend, this is often not the case. It is clear that cats are curious creatures. It is a great pleasure to sit and watch a cat play, leap, roll and apply techniques and tricks that would not shame Bruce Lee. In fact, an integral part of the martial arts techniques was taken directly from the world of animals and the world of cats in particular.

How do we avoid the time of the little tiger that lives with us at home?

Cats are hunters as mentioned. They have a great affection for games that inspire their developed hunting senses. Every veterinarian will tell you that this is about, for example, chasing games, taking out, and bringing in a product from a certain place, hiding and hiding, as well as trying to kill, rape, kiss, and crush the poor victim (which could be a sock jerk in our case.

A prankster loves to play, jump, run and hide

Cats like little tigers love to hunt for their victim. Therefore, many games that they play in the home space also include an element of hiding, stealing or trying to get the hunter out of sight. This is a hiding place or a number of hiding places where they bury the loot. For the most part, it will take you a while to figure out where the hiding place is. And so you can meet a variety of products that they have thrown or mowed under the carpet, under the bed, into a niche or niche in the walls and more and more like your home cat’s good imagination.

Do-It-Yourself Cat Games:

Stalk as a game

If you have had a flower pot in the well-known hairstylist by the renowned hairstylist “Mitzi Zikri”, then you already understand what it is. Sometimes after eating stalks and mini leaves, vomiting will also occur. The cat will eject all the vegetation he asked. In our case, you do not have to abandon the flower pot you received from Aunt Passover. You can settle for a simple fish toy (look here). Making herbal teas? Great, take the leaves and stalk left for the cat. For example, a mint border can employ one cat for several hours. After a few hours the same stalk ends its role when it is black, plucked, polished, and also likely to find it hidden or thrown in that corner the cat managed to captivate it.

toilet paper roll

One of the well-known and beloved cats games. Using a roll of toilet paper has different and varied forms of creativity. In basic mode the roll itself is a big attraction for the home cat. Its light purple weight, its ability to move and roll from every small blow make it a well-known and well-known toy. Some cut it, some seal it on one side and some punch holes in it. The options are very many.


Cats love corks. The cork is small, moving, loud and rolling and it makes it a favorite toy for puppies and adult cats alike.


Between Ann is one tucked and rolled sock or fancy set – the sock is by far one of the top 5 when it comes to cats’ favorite games. The softness, the roundness, the movement and the ability to stick nails in is the object of your naughty kitten’s love. Taking an old sock pushes it inside itself in a rolling fashion until a sock ball is formed.