External hemorrhoids normally build up on the anus’ outer part. During the first phase of external hemorrhoids, swellings appear in the opening. This swelling is normally very irritable and itchy. With no immediate treatment of these hemorrhoids, the swellings grow bigger, becoming very painful in their later stage.

External hemorrhoids treatment is normally easier to treat when compared to the internal hemorrhoids. It is important to know the steps of treating hemorrhoids .The following list gives major tips for the treatment of external hemorrhoids.

The first hemorrhoids treatment tip is through surgery. This is arguably the best treatment procedure for treating hemorrhoids. This is done by cutting and removing hemorrhoids from the anus directly. However, there are several hemorrhoid surgery methods. Some uses the tools to end the swelling in the anus by blocking the blood flow in the anal veins, while other medical practitioners use infrared lights for the treatment of hemorrhoids without cutting the anus. Traditionally, doctors use the scalpel to remove the affected part of the anus.

Another tip for treatment of hemorrhoids is the use of creams. The use of creams in the treatment of this anal problem can be very effective if used well with the right product according to a doctor’s prescription. The cream method of treatment is very efficient because it is applied directly to the affected area. It is not only a good tool in removing hemorrhoids but also relief the pain caused by the disease.

Rubber bands can also be used for treating hemorrhoids. This is applicable in the case where the hemorrhoids are big and lumpy. These rubber bands are placed at the base area of the hemorrhoids to protect the affected area from being scratched. The hemorrhoid together with the rubber band will fall off after some few days. This is one the most common procedures used for the treatment of external hemorrhoids – click here for more details.

The fourth tip of external hemorrhoid treatment is by keeping the anus clean. This procedure is commonly referred to as water therapy in the medical field. However, it is not possible for one to clean the anus with soap and by touching it, but instead it is possible to soak it in a warm water tub. This tip will treat the hemorrhoids naturally at home and keep the anus clean. Drinking a lot of water is also very beneficial in treating hemorrhoids. Water makes the bowel soluble, hence requiring no more pressure to push it out. It is recommendable for one to drink a minimum of eight glasses of water every day. The more water you will drink the better.

The last tip on treating hemorrhoids is by use of cold compress method. This cold compress is normally done to reduce the tingling feeling and ease the pain caused by the hemorrhoids. This is done by taking a cold compress and getting the direct affected spot of the anus gently pressed. This tip also helps in the shrinking of the swollen areas of the anus.

These are the only available treatments tips for the external hemorrhoids. Make sure you always seek medical assistance when this happens. Although this can be quite embarrassing, it can get worse if medical attention is not taken into consideration.

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