5 Amazing tips for a healthier life!


Here are 5 amazing tips for a better and healthier life:

Eat Right!

Proper nutrition means caring for our body and striving to give it the best. Proper nutrition is eating the right exercise and most importantly – pleasure.

Eating the same thing is boring. It’s fed up, no longer enjoying. From this conception the golden rule was born in a balanced diet – diversity.

Every day and at almost every meal it is recommended to eat foods from several food groups, because each group contributes important health components.

How diverse?

  • Eat vegetables from several colors every day
  • Eat fruits of various kinds
  • Replace the type of sandwich filling and even the bread type.
  • Change the type of dairy products you consume
  • Combine meat, chicken, fish and beans into the menu.

Keep Meal orders

Know the feeling? We have not eaten for many hours, our stomach is clucking, our head is a little tired, and then we devour everything. If you answered yes, then it’s time to decide to change.

It is advisable not to skip meals if you open too large a gap between the meals, so the body is not at its best, you come to the next meal hungry and do not control … And of course also increases the risk of uncontrollable snacks.

Eat a Healthy breakfast

Not only did she receive the title of the most important meal of the day.

Breakfast is especially important because it provides the energy needed by the body during the first hours of work or school. Studies have found that eating breakfast improves concentration and increases the ability to solve problems and even related to higher scores on tests …

Contrary to what you think, a meal in the morning does not “open the appetite” but prevents a sudden strong hunger and thus reduces the chance of excessive and uncontrolled eating of snacks later in the day.

What to eat – sandwich with cheese / dagnaboker with milk / yogurt with fruit / toast / porridge / muesli ….

Buy a high quality work boots

We spend most of our time at work, and the way we keep our health at work has a significant affection on our well being. Buying a high quality comfortable pair of work boots is essential if you want to keep your spine and back in good condition and void future complications. Do not underestimate this measure, as its very important.

Exercise – for the soul

Be sure to exercise daily. Exercise not only burns calories, but also makes you feel better and your body look better and function better. Exercise does not have to be exhausting. Every exercise does us good – marching on the beach, cycling, swimming in the sea, walking on the street and dancing. Short activity also contributes. Take daily steps: try climbing the stairs instead of the elevator, walking instead of driving to a nearby place, walking with your dog or friends, riding a bicycle.