Whay you must get a good massage for your health

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The journey of life leads us to better or lesser moments of concern for the welfare of the family, the financial situation, work, progress in life, mental difficulties, the journey of life brings us stress, stress, the running over time.

Most of the population of Canada lives in the race afterwards and does not always pay attention to themselves, their bodies, and their important needs in life.

Almost every family in Canada has at least one vehicle and in some cases two or three vehicles.

When you drive your car the most important thing is to fill up with “fuel” oil and water.

When these things are not, the vehicle will not travel.

This is how our bodies must be filled with life. Life requires a great deal of stress in which we need time to fill the batteries, the calm, the touch, the heat.

Touch, support, release of emotions, peace of mind and body are completely something the body and mind are thirsty for.

Touch itself is an existential need of man from his first day to his last day.

The person needs contact for his physical mental and emotional health needs learning needs belonging societies and self-confidence.

Many of the population understand the importance of touch and Ручной общий массаж телаin this article I will detail why massage is so important to break time and provide peace and quiet and the ways that can create a healthier quality of life for us.

The need for touch is a survival need and important for the proper development of the nervous system, creating boundaries between me and the outside world, closeness, support, proper development of body image and self-image, developing relationships, alertness, curiosity, and the ability to demonstrate emotionally.

When I talk about skin contact is the intimate connection with the outside world it has a major role in metabolism, temperature regulation in the protection of vulnerable and damages fulfilling sensory functions such as sensations of heat, cold, pain and touch.

Touch and massage are very important for emotional growth, to build self-confidence from an early age.

Over the years as we get older we are more thirsty for touch, support, closeness and touch opens up emotional and physical blockages.

The massage results in physical relaxation, encourages mental relaxation. The relaxation results in physiological processes that continue the physical relaxation process.

The role of the medical massage results in better blood flow, which affects mental activity of the brain.

Improvement in the functioning of the senses, memory, concentration, self-confidence, self-image, raising repressed emotions pleasure and general indulgence.

Studies show a direct link between stress and a chain of events that cause blood pressure, insomnia, migraines, and digestive problems.

The chain of events that cause the disease will appear in the above order (although I must point out that one or two things are enough to reach emotional blockages or pain)