Survivor’s Guide In Choosing The Right Tactical Boots For You

tactical boots

Through the years, tactical boots have been a part of a standard uniform of every soldier across the world. Many advances in the industry have been made to give its appearance and style it has today. So advanced in fact that the tactical boots are no longer used by not only soldiers but also outdoor enthusiasts like mountain climbers, hikers, game hunters, etc. There are many advantages in wearing these kinds of boots. One is obviously for protection, but we’re not talking about simple protection here, mind you, We’re talking about EXTREME protection! Protection from extreme weather conditions, snake bites, and falling heavy objects that would outright crush your toes. Thanks to its steel or metal composite toecap, it would help you save your precious toes. There are also many sorts of tactical boots out in the market today and every one specializes in different kinds of weather conditions and terrain you could think of. So, how would you choose the right tactical boots for you? Here are some of the ways that would help you find the right tactical boots for you.

The first thing to consider when buying tactical boots is where you’re going to use them. Don’t base your selection on something you just find stylish or fashionable. Remember that these boots are made for specific environments and would damage it if you’re not too careful. One good example is when climbing up a mountain. You would need boots that have a flexible sole and the ankles should not be too sturdy for fast and long strides


Climate is also an essential factor that needs to be considered. Tactical boots that are made for rainy weather would be waterproof and the rand and lugs of the boots, (the big rubber sole of the tactical boots), would be made of non-slipping material while tactical boots made for the desert would be made from nylon and suede for extra cooling effect. If you’re not sure what to buy, you could always ask the store clerk or an expert online that would help you find what you’re looking for.


Tactical boots are a little bit tricky when it comes to wearing one. It shouldn’t be too tight that it might close the circulation of your blood to your toes (and coincidentally make you lose consciousness) and it shouldn’t be too lose that it would cause you to have misaligned feet. When your boots are misaligned to your feet, it affects your whole body posture and would lead to certain injury.


Before congratulations are in order after you have bought your first pair tactical boots, at least try and break them in or test it out. Make sure that your boots are well built and without damage. Wear a heavy backpack and see how it affects you if you’re still comfortable with it or not. Try kicking with your toes to see if you could feel them if you could still feel your toes after you kick, The boots are too tight and you should replace them with just a bit larger one.


Tactical boots are great if you love the outdoors and exploring the wild. They are a great investment when it comes to safety and protection. A word of caution though when buying online. Not all sizes may look the same and pictures can be photo-shopped. Be sure to read the reviews first who have actually bought the tactical boots so you would not be disappointed in the long run.