How to select the next shoes for flat feet?


Did you know that more than 15% of the world’s population is diagnosed with flat feet? Platapus is a common phenomenon in the world of foot orthopathy, a phenomenon caused by the longitudinal arch of the foot being particularly low or flat. There are two main types of output and several severity levels of the problem. Flexible platapus is the most common and in this situation when you load the body weight during the tread, the longitudinal arc collapses down and does not provide the desired curve. A rigid flap describes a situation in which the longitudinal arc does not exist and therefore the foot is flat in walking and in the air.
The longitudinal arch develops slowly in childhood and reaches its peak development only at the end of growth, around the age of 15 to the age of 18. There are cases where the longitudinal arch in the foot does not develop properly and can diagnose Paltpus already in childhood. In order to diagnose paltospus in children, a professional and qualified cause is needed to examine whether there is an ankle flexion in and whether the heel bone is sticking out and have qzz in your life. You can see in the shoes of children with Platfus that the shoe has changed its shape and when coupled to both shoes you can notice that they tend to go inward towards each other.

However, the patient does not necessarily suffer from congenital malformations because there are cases where a acquired phlebotomy is diagnosed. Platafus may also develop in older age, usually as a result of injury and foot injury, from joint diseases characterized by patients suffering from diabetes and leprosy, due to cancerous or foot infections that have not been treated in time and have become complicated, and for other reasons.

It is important to address the prototype and address the problem as early as possible. Failure to handle the Pilates may cause a variety of pathological problems and pains of various degrees of severity in the foot, knee, thigh, and in some cases, back and pelvis.

Once the patient has been diagnosed with a paltospus, additional orthopedic inserts and accessories can be fitted. In addition, it is recommended to buy quality shoes designed for flat feet. Today, there are shoe manufacturers investing a great deal of resources in developing innovative technologies that allow them to produce walking, walking and sports shoes for feet with platfus. you can read more on the shoes blog.

It is important to emphasize that hiking and sports shoes must provide perfect support for the foot, especially for people with flat feet. High-quality shoes that accurately fit the feet contribute to the patient’s health, providing the right and desirable support for the foot while walking, running and any other physical activity. In addition, the shoes provide a higher grip and can significantly alleviate pain as they effectively absorb shocks and pressures exerted on the leg while walking and running, preventing the shock force from affecting the various body parts, especially joints and skeletons.

Therefore, it is important to undergo a professional diagnosis for early detection, so that pain and complications that can cause further orthopedic problems can be avoided, and with appropriate sports shoes, the quality of life can be significantly improved.