Some useful tips for dogs that are destroying the home


None of us know the experience of returning home from work or schooling into what was once our neat and cozy living room, now a wave of ruins filled with scraps of pillows and threads from the rug. Responsible for this pogrom, not only not wearing a guilty face, but happy and excited for us, as if proud of his jaws. And we know that hard words or screams are not useful here, because the dog does not understand what and why …

Time to return to school is near and it’s time we spend some time thinking about how this will affect our pet. Freedom goes with him all the time that the kids have been playing and playing with the dog and taking walks with him and all of a sudden, all of that attention goes away. Now the dog finds itself alone for much of the day and even when family members return home they do not always turn to the dog because there are lessons to be done, friends to see and maybe even more work. All this can create great stress, fear and uncertainty in the dog and can cause behavioral problems such as house destruction, furniture chewing, home needs, multiple barking and more …

Most dog owners feel guilty for leaving their dog alone at home when they go out to work or study. This is a natural phenomenon, as anyone who wants to think about a homeowner who is left alone, but at the same time dogs have the ability to live and manage on their own for several hours if their needs are met, such as: food, drink and games. In cases of prolonged departure for more than a few hours, there is also room for doing needs.

Dogs can certainly develop abandonment anxiety, just like humans do. Contrary to popular belief, not only abandoned dogs or dogs that came from quarantine tend to develop such anxiety. Dogs who spend a very long time with their owners, such as a dog who during the entire vacation period was close to the children and played with them, and suddenly a disconnection between the dog and the owner is created, the dog may develop anxiety of abandonment.

There are several things you can do to help your dog get used to being away from home:

– Create a regular schedule of leaving and returning from home, which will create a confidence in the dog that you will return.

– Do not do a big ritual when leaving the house, leave calmly and without a farewell gesture from the dog.

– Reduce the attention the dog gets. While it is the opposite of what humans are used to, it does wean the dog away when you are away and it does not get any attention

Buy a dog ramp for your car or bed. Car ramps inside the house will keep the dog from
destroying your sofa and bed… This is an essential accesory that is just a must if you want to keep your sofas and bed intact

– Leave your dog a variety of toys and games especially for him who will not be bored when you are away. It has been found that dogs perform the biggest destruction at home in the first hour when the owners are not at home.

In conclusion, it is advisable to leave with the dog some toys and games that will keep him busy while you are away and reduce his anxiety of being home-emptied. Do not take interest out of the house and do not pay special attention to the dog because of this and remember that proper training is always a relevant option.