What are the best shoes for supination ?


It is important to have a basic idea of what supination is before getting to know about the most useful shoes for supination.

Supination is also referred to as under-pronation which is when the outer lateral part of the heel lands at an increased angle, this prevents the foot from rolling inwards upon hitting the ground causing the feet to take on more pressure which could result to inflammation and muscle injuries.

You could easily tell if you are a supinator by checking the soles of an old pair of your shoes whose heels should be worn out on the lateral side.
There are no known medications that could change this condition but it is possible to handle it by;

Avoiding worn out shoes since they roll the foot outward.

  • Use insoles specifically designed for supination.
  • Yoga poses could help in stabilizing the foot.
  • Use deep heel cup shoes that prevent the foot from rolling outward at the same time stabilizing it.

Some of the higher quality shoes for supination include:

==Moderate to Severe Under-pronator Shoe==

  1. Asics Nimbus 19
    The shoe is designed to reduce shock upon impact using GEL – Cushioning technology which smoothens transition in each stride. It is very comfortable shoes with perfect shock absorbent.The GEL – Cushioning and the Forefoot and Rear foot framework provide good support for a supinated foot structure. The shoe keeps the foot in a healthy motion by the help of Impact Guidance System which allows the foot to perform naturally. Achilles Tendonitis features it as one of the best.  This is one of the best shoes for supination as selected by any major sites, like shoerealm, footearjoy and more.

==Severe Supination Running Shoes==

2. Brooks Ghost
The shoe is specifically designed for people with a mild to moderate supination. It was chosen for Editor’s Choice Award by Runner’s World Magazine for fall 2016. The shoes absorb shock for those users with supination thanks to cushioned soles. The shoe is very lightweight and has a mesh fabric which makes it breathable preventing bad odor. It has crash-pads which protect the mid-foot and the heel.

==Supination Running Shoes==

3. New Balance Vazee Pace v2
The New Balance is perfect for running and is specially designed to support supination. It has a REVlite midsole blown rubber outsole that makes the shoe very comfortable and extremely lightweight. It has no-sew overlays minimizing the friction with the foot. The shoes’ construction gives it terrific arch support. The shoe is flexible and also well ventilated.

==Slingback Best Under-pronation Supination Sandal==

4. Birkenstock Milano
This shoes is pure leather and is made by hand specifically to offer support for supination. The shoes are rubber which acts as a shock absorbent and provide better traction. It is strategically designed to meet specific requirements of any supination feet condition whether feminine or masculine. The shoes features a deep heel cup, a wide toe box and an excellent arch support which is a huge help for people with supination condition of different degrees. The shoe’s heel measures 0.75 inch and has a platform height 0.5 inches, a cork midsole and a contoured foot-bed all of which is a plus to those suffering from supination.

Supination is not always severe but protecting your feet from it could be worth it. The listed shoes will help you correct supination and having a pair will help you walk comfortably knowing your feet are in perfect condition.