What is the “3 Week Diet?”

3 weeks diet

If you have a Facebook or Instagram account, you’ve probably seen heard the buzz about something called a “3 Week Diet” on social media. It’s a new weight loss program that claims you can drop anywhere between 13 to 23 pounds of pure fat in as little as 21 days. Now that’s a very impressive claim… but can the the “3 Week Diet” actually help you do it?

Before you buy into the “3 Week Diet” it’s important to understand what it is, how it works and whether or not it’s successful at helping you drop the weight – and keeping it off.

What is the “3 Week Diet?”

This “3 Week Diet” is a 21-day program that claims to help you accomplish weight loss goals which other diets take months to do. A stark difference between this diet and other weight loss programs is that it guarantees every pound you lose will be pure body fat as opposed to muscle mass or simply water weight.
The program was designed by Brian Flatt, a personal trainer, sports nutritionist and coach with years of experience in the health and fitness industry. Flatt says he created the “3 Week Diet” because he noticed too many people giving up on their diets because they were not seeing results fast enough. Industry studies indicate that this is true for most people, estimating that approximately 75% of people on a new diet or exercise routine will quit before reaching their goals – typically after the first six weeks.

How the “3 Week Diet” Works

The “3 Week Diet” is comprised of three key areas: nutrition, exercise and mindset. The program is available for $47 online and comes with four digitally downloaded manuals to help readers understand the program and how to successfully execute each component.

Learn more about each of the “3 Week Diet” supporting materials and how they help readers achieve their weight loss goals:

1. The Introduction
This manual introduces dieters to the program and explains the science behind the “3 Week Diet.” It outlines some general guidelines to follow, things to avoid and also recommends some supplements which may help ramp up your weight loss.

2. The Diet Plan
The “3 Week Diet” borrows elements from a lot of successful diets and rolls them into one program. Each cycle of the diet is outline in this manual. It starts with a detox phase, outlines an optional fasting phase and then follows up with two variations of low carb cycles.

3. Workout Manual
Nutrition is very important. But simply eating better and cutting carbs aren’t enough to achieve the weight loss guaranteed by the “3 Week Diet” – especially not in a mere 21 days. To help readers get fit fast, the program also provides an instructional workout manual. This manual outlines intensive full-body workouts to be completed three times a week. The workouts are challenging, blending bursts of cardio with resistance training. However, they are strategically designed to boost metabolism and burn fat faster – so each total body workout only takes about 20-30 minutes to complete.

4. Mindset and Motivation Manual
This is the component that is missing from most other diet and exercise programs on today’s market: how to stay motivated. This guide helps readers stick to the “3 Week Diet” all the way through by providing tips to stay in a positive mindset. It also addresses possible roadblocks and how to handle them when they happen.

Does the “3 Week Diet” Actually Work?
Here’s the truth: there is no easy way to lose weight quickly. It takes hard work, discipline and dedication. However, that’s not to say the “3 Week Diet” doesn’t work – it uses many scientifically proven methods to help individuals lose weight, but it doesn’t introduce any gimmicks or groundbreaking new tactics. Instead, it teaches people how to eat better, work out more efficiently and most importantly, how to stay motivated… which is where most other diets fail.

The “3 Week Diet” guarantees you will lose 13-23 lbs. if you faithfully follow and successfully complete the program. But will you keep the weight off when the three weeks are over?

It takes 21 days to form a new habit. In theory, following this program will give you the foundation to live a healthy lifestyle for long after your three weeks are up… but whether or not you decide to build upon that foundation is really up to you as an individual. If you go back to your old unhealthy habits, you will gain the weight back sooner or later. However, if you decide to stay motivated, eat right and workout regularly, you might find that you lose even more weight as time goes on.